Singapore based International Business Media announces today that it has launched (, the first B2B Games Industry Network for Latin America. is the news and intelligence platform providing insight into Latin America’s games industry markets with a focus on the key markets as Brazil and Argentina.

Today’s announcement further accelerates last year’s investment into International Business Media’s news and intelligence platform,, by adding another key emerging market to its portfolio, growing its continuous increasing games industry business network.

“Our goal is to reach global markets and to inform on the business and the rapid development of the games industry in the emerging markets,” says Frank Sliwka, CEO and Business Strategist of International Business Media. “ starts with a web - and mobile platform which allows us to communicate directly with our users, to establish the leading information platform about the Latin American Games Industry and deliver tailor-made content to our audience,”

adds Frank Sliwka.

International Business Media is collaborating for with the Buenos Aires based Okam Studio and its Studio Head, Maria Martina Santoro, who took over the role of the Editor – in – Chief for “While traveling in Latin America I’ve seen a lot of talent and hard work. I’ve seen great teams and companies rise and amazing games being released with few people noticing the potential of the local talent. I hope that with we can help to change that. I know that this platform can become an excellent catapult to help foster local development companies and also our growing market.”

Streamline Studios is the main launch partner for Its CEO Alexander Fernandez says: “ gives a voice to an excitingly fast growing market that will become strategically important in the years ahead. As long-time proponents of Latin America, Streamline is excited to be a part of this.”

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