Empowering the Future: Bunyan and ibMedia Join Forces to Foster Gaming and Esports Talent in Saudi Arabia

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A transformative collaboration between Bunyan Company | شركة بنيان, a frontrunner in human capital development, and ibMedia Group, a Global Management Consulting Company with an established presence in the Esports, Gaming & Digital Entertainment Industry, has given rise to a new entity, ibMedia Saudi Arabia.

In response to this growth, Bunyan and ibMedia have launched ibMedia Saudi Arabia. Their collaboration aims to equip emerging talents with the skills and knowledge to thrive in gaming and esports. Apart from focusing on educational programs, the venture will extend its expertise to consulting in esports and facilitate the entry of gaming companies seeking to establish their footprint in Saudi Arabia.

Frank A. Sliwka Sliwka, CEO of ibMedia Group, remarked, “With the meteoric rise of mobile gaming, barriers to entry have lowered and made everyone a gamer, giving rise to the explosion of the overall industry growth. As a consequence, we are witnessing a huge demand from both endemic and non-endemic brands seeking vast amounts of talent to join the industry… and our goal is to equip this talent with the requisite knowledge and skill sets to succeed in this industry.”

Nabil Tuker, CEO of Bunyan, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At Bunyan, we are elated to partner with ibMedia for their expertise in educational programs within the gaming and esports verticals. We believe this initiative will bring us a step closer to Vision 2030 of making Saudi Arabia a global center for gaming and esports. By equipping the enormous young talent with the required knowledge and skillset, we aim to foster our own local ecosystem, ultimately fuelling economic diversification.”

Leading ibMedia Saudi Arabia is Tej Desai 德赛特 Desai, a marketing and business development veteran with two decades of unparalleled experience, having successfully led prominent multinational corporations across the Middle East & Africa. Tej’s illustrious journey encompasses diverse brands and categories, including Unilever, Mobily, Samsung, Etisalat to name a few. Notably, in his previous role at Tencent Games, he led business development and brand partnerships across MENA, contributing to globally recognized game titles such as Arena of Valor followed by PUBG Mobile.

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