A completely new kind of global event for the games industry is announced this week by International Business Media Pte Ltd: International Games Festival Rome – GAMEROME. In partnership with the Leonardo Caltagirone Group and supported by VIGAMUS Foundation, the kickoff edition of GAMEROME will be held from 10 – 12 November, 2016.

GAMEROME is the world’s first global celebration of the finest in video and computer games. Styled along film festival lines, GAMEROME will be launched against the backdrop of the Eternal City of Rome. Over three days, a range of exciting events will be featured: a top-level professional conference, the GAMEROME Awards Competition with gala awards ceremony, a games art exhibition, VR presentations and plenty more – guaranteed fun for festival attendees and the public in general.

In addition to the games-arts focus, the business side of the Festival will function as a trend-setting industry leader, giving professionals a new arena and context in which to conduct high-end business meetings. “We are proud to have obtained such tremendous support from the local and international games industry in hosting an event like this,” says Frank Sliwka, CEO of International Business Media. “GAMEROME’s three main pillars “Selection”, “Success” and “Future” reflect the purpose of the Festival: to reward excellence in games, stimulate business across the global industry and develop the skillsets and knowledge base of future generations.”

The Festival’s numerous events will be held in the prestigious Parco Leonardo complex. “Leonardo Digital Campus is an innovative smart city, a project built around the concept of a future metropolitan area, where green economy and technology go hand by hand in a landscape filled with art and culture,” says Leonardo Francesco Caltagirone of the Leonardo Digital Campus. “Therefore, embracing the International Games Festival Rome – GAMEROME as the main sponsor and partner was entirely natural, the perfect fit to display our attitude towards the major challenges of the contemporary world. Video and computer games are a new language, a platform for people of all ages, and Leonardo Digital Campus definitely wants to play a major role in this industry.”

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